polka dots

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

She's just so dang cute!

So, the other day, Wes and I had the whole family at the house for lunch. Yep, it was kinda a zoo with Dad, Brendon, Austin, Shawna, Ashlynn, and their two ADORABLE little foster boys -lots of noise and so much fun! Just trying to get everyone situated at the table can be a real challenge with 3 little ones 3 years old or younger.

We had just settled at the table to eat when Ashlynn proudly announced that Granddaddy and Juju lived too far away from her and needed to find a new house. She and her mama and daddy were going to find us a new house much closer. (We have been looking to build or buy a home closer to her, but Ashlynn had not been aware of the process until one day they were driving around in a neighborhood looking at houses for us.)

Ashlynn is fine with us moving, BUT she made it quite clear that when I do move I need to take "my toys" and "my pool" (it's a little one for her to play in) when I move. Hope she allows me to bring more of my stuff besides my toys and pool, or I'm gonna have a really empty place to live.

I love that little girl! She just makes me smile!