polka dots

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our house

We put our house on the market at the beginning
of the month. First of all, let me just say that it
is the PITS keeping your house clean all the time so someone can come in and look at it! On the up side, my house has never been cleaner!

My Dad turns 84 next week and it is becoming apparent that he is really struggling to think clearly. He is in great health, but his mind just doesn't want to think like it use to. This is a little dishearting to me because my dad was always the "sharpest pencil in the box". I hurt for him as he gets so frustrated at not being able to come up with the right words or remember if he has done something or not.

But he is the reason that we are selling our house. Our plan is to build a house with a "casita" attached. This is basically a house with an apartment attached to it. It looks like one house from the outside, but there will be 2 residences on the inside. This way, we all will have our own private places but I can get to Dad quickly if he needs me.

We've been in our house for 19 years......the boys grew up in this house.....and it isn't in any way a house......it's a home.......it's our home. Many folks have felt so sorry for me as I have to "give up" my home and leave all the sweet memories behind. But I don't feel that way. First of all, I will take every memory with me. They aren't stuck in the walls of this house. Second, I am excited to think of all the new memories we will make in the new house.

So, we wait. We feel like this is what God would have us do. But He is the One who must sell our house. This is not the best market to sell a home....but God doesn't really worry about that....if we're to move on He'll provide the perfect buyer. If He doesn't, then it's because we aren't to do this. So, we wait - for His perfect timing.....His voice.......His direction.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Because You Love Me

For all those times You stood by me
For all the truth that You made me see
For all the joy You brought to my life
For all the wrong that You made right
For every dream You made come true
For all the love I found in You
I'll be forever thankful, Jesus
You're the One who holds me up
Never lets me fall
You're the One who sees me through
Through it all

You are my strength 'cuz I am weak
You are my voice 'cuz I can't speak
You are my eyes 'cuz I can't see
You are the best there is in me
You lift me up when I can't reach
You give me faith in You to believe
I'm everything I am
Because You love me.

By Diane Warren (and tweaked by me)