polka dots

Saturday, December 1, 2012


I have started a new journey in my life.  After 16 years, I stepped down as the kids' pastor at our church.  I knew it was time and I knew it was right.  It's been a little strange not to be in that role anymore, but I'm excited to see what new adventures are out there.  Besides, the kids are always right upstairs if I need to go get a hug. 

Here are some pictures from "thank you night" at CityLife.  The church was so kind and I felt so very honored.  It will be a night I will always remember.

 Ashlynn brought me a charm that the kids' ministry gave to me.  What a cutie she is!

 Karen and JT said some very sweet and encouraging words.  They are precious friends!

 Hope (Hopie) brought me a scrapbook that had all the kids' handprints in it.  And it's my favorite color:  PURPLE!
 Brenda (in the orange) gave me a beautiful arrangement of PURPLE flowers.  Alyssa (in the gray) said some very sweet words on how much she had learned about God since coming to CityLife.

 Passing the baton over to Shawna.  The kids COULD NOT be in better hands!

PARTY TIME!  Nothing like cakes covered in M&M's.  What a sweet night - in more ways than one.