polka dots

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Texas Railroad

Who knew Texas had its own railroad?  I didn't.  But Wes and I had a chance to ride on it a few weeks ago.  It travels from Palestine to Rusk and back.  This usually takes about 4 hours with an hour lunch stop along the way.

We thought that was the trip we were headed for, but we ended up on The Great Pumpkin Patch train ride instead.....which turned out to be so much fun!  We headed to Rusk, TX, was met by Snoopy and boarded the train with a bunch of kids all dressed up in costumes and headed to the Great Pumpkin Patch.  There were all kinds of fun stuff for the kids to do including a bounce house, petting zoo, hayride, and trick or treat street.  Even had corn dogs and funnelcakes to eat.  YUM!  After playing for about an hour, we got back on our train and headed back to Rusk. 

We will try again to make the Palestine to Rusk trip one day...but we were so glad that we got on this one by mistake!  It was one of the most fun accidents we've ever been on.  The kids were so much fun to watch - it was just an enjoyable afternoon.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lunch in the cafetorium

Wes, a.k.a. Granddaddy, and I got to have lunch with Ashlynn at her school yesterday....in the cafetorium.  Cafetorium.....odd name, but basically it is the school cafeteria with a small stage so that the room can also be used as an auditorium.  Hence the name, cafetorium.

Anyway, I digress.  Wes and I had been looking forward to our lunch with Ashlynn all week.  We don't get to see her quite as often now that she is in school, so every chance we get to be with her is a treasure.  We stopped at McDonalds to pick up a cheeseburger happy meal and some chicken nuggets for us.  A huge smile and hugs welcomed us as we entered the cafetorium and we had a great 30 minutes of food and laughter.

We were also thrilled to see Shawna walk in to join us.  She came because she knew we would want pictures and needed a photographer.  I love her thoughtfulness.  

Just another treasure that I will remember.  I love when God stops my day for just a bit and shows me how much He loves me....through the smiles and hugs of a beautiful little 5 year old.