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Monday, November 18, 2013


This past weekend we had a bunch of the family come for a visit.  My nephew, Telly, is a freshman at Texas Tech and plays in the band.  Tech played Baylor last Saturday at Cowboy (aka AT&T) Stadium.  So, his mom, his Waddie and Dudie, and 5 of his cousins came up from Houston to see him march. There was lots of noise, laughter, and just a lot of fun.  I have an awesome family.

On Friday night, we headed to the Lone Star Brahma's hockey game.  Brendon is an off ice official, so he got us tickets.

Uncle Lonnie rooting on Brendon every time we heard the buzzer!  Brendon was working the clock.

Getting ready to chuck a puck during the 2nd intermission.  

Ashlynn and Carson stopped by for a visit on Saturday.  It's always good when you can spend time with your cousins.

Then it was off to AT&T Stadium.  None of us had ever been inside, so it was fun getting to see it for the first time.

Here is the Red Raider waiting for his turn to race across the field.

And what we came for......watching the Goin' Band from Raiderland.  Telly is out there somewhere!

Telly is the cute one in the middle.  Tech didn't win that night.....but we sure did.  Spending time with the family is the best!

Watching Him Grow

So, little man is learning to eat food.......these pictures are of him trying pears for the first time.  As you can see, I don't think he cares for them too much.  Even Ashlynn got in the act of making faces with her little brother.

Maybe just playing with the spoon is good enough!

Carson has become a real pro at eating "big people food."  But I still think pears aren't some of his favorite.

He has also learned to sit up by himself....he's still a little wobbly, but he can do it on his own.

And this week, his mama even let him try to feed himself.  I'm not sure he got any in his mouth, but it's quite obvious he got it everywhere else!

I love watching him grow.  He's such a precious little man.  6 months old and counting.