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Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes

There is this song that starts out:

What a difference a day makes
24 little hours.......

Well, within 24 hours of my last post, we had sold our house. Are you kidding me? You will not believe this story! It's so incredible - it is such a miracle. Wes and I stand it awe. So here is our story:

Let's start with last Monday, the 22nd. Wes had oral surgery which lasted most of the morning. (I know that doesn't sound real important at this moment - but you'll see that it really is a little later!) Tuesday morning, I wake up and honestly, I realize that we probably aren't going to sell our house. It's just not a good market and we needed to get a very good price for our home. So, I told the Lord that that was fine and started thinking what remodeling I needed to do to make our house suitable for my dad to come live with us.

We hadn't been cooking much since the house was on the market. Didn't want to mess up the kitchen in case we needed to show the house in a hurry. Nothing like the smell of fish as you walk in the front door to scare off potential buyers! However, I decided to cook lunch on Tuesday because Wes had had surgery and needed to eat soft foods. So, I told him I would just cook some spaghetti. While I was cooking, our doorbell rang. A lady in her early 60's was at our door. She told Wes that she and her sister (who is in her 70's) live in Athens, TX and are moving back to the DFW area to be near children and grandchildren. They had been looking at houses and were very disappointed with what they saw...so they were just driving around the neighborhood and saw our house. So she and Wes started up a conversation.

She told us our house was priced higher than their budget. She started walking back to the car, turned around and asked if she could just come in and look. We agreed after explaining that our house really wasn't in "show" condition at this time. She said she didn't mind - she and her sister were interior designers and didn't need to see it in tip top shape.

After 15 minutes in our house, they gave us a cash offer on our home. The older sister (who is actually paying for the house) hadn't even looked through the whole house when she made the offer!!!! She just kept telling her sister that she wanted this house. Wes told them that they really needed to go through our realtor and that we couldn't accept that offer....it just wasn't enough. He explained how we were building a house so my dad could come live with us and we really needed to get close to our asking price. After another 30 minutes, we had fallen in love with these sweet ladies. Their love for the Lord was so obvious! We even found out they knew several friends of ours from our church. We spent much more time talking with each other than showing the house. It was such an enjoyable time!

So, as Wes was helping them in their car, they asked him to please not accept another offer until we heard back from them. But Wes and I knew that these ladies were supposed to have our home. We just didn't know how the money was going to work out. And to try to make this long story a little shorter, they gave us a great offer on our house Wednesday. Contract was signed today....wow! In 24 hours! Amazing.

Just a couple of side notes:
If Wes hadn't had his surgery and if we hadn't stayed home for lunch (which we have almost NEVER done since the house was on the market!) we would have missed them when they rang our doorbell.

If they had waited one more day, we would have had a much harder time getting a contract together because our realtor left on vacation today. She was able to write up a contract for us before she left!

We are so excited! Yes, God has sold our house.....but it is so much more than that. We have two PRECIOUS ladies who are taking over our home. We have such sweet neighbors and it was so very important to us that the right people come into our neighborhood. Plus, we know that these ladies will keep loving our neighbors and showing God's grace and mercy to them. Like I said, we stand in awe!!

What a difference a day makes!
24 little hours.....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yes, It Has Been Awhile

So, I open up my blog today and see it has been 3 months since my last blog. That may not seem like a real long time to some people, but this last 3 months have seemed like a lifetime to me. Of course, as a Children's Pastor, summertime is my busy season. Between VBS, summer camp, and finding new teachers for the fall, I stay pretty busy. But this time.......

VBS is over - it was a very good one.....camp is over - the best we've ever had.......I'm in the process of finding teachers and it looks like I have all I need.....so why the deep feeling of frustration?

I think I have found the answer.....I am really ticked off at God right now. My whole life is in limbo - the selling of our house....the church.....my dad.....Wes' job and possible retirement. Everything is just hanging out there - just out of my reach and it is driving me crazy. Because I can't reach it - because it's not going the way I would like - I have decided that God isn't doing it correctly. I've decided that I know better and I'm ticked off because He hasn't chosen to see it my way.

Well, good for me. No wonder I have been moody and frustrated lately! I wasn't created to be responsible for all of this mess and yet I think it's my job to take care of it. It's all a matter of trust. You see, if I truly believed that God loves me - just for me - that He is really crazy about me - not because of what I do or what I don't do - just because I'm me, then I would trust Him that He has my very best interest at heart. Why would He do this - because He loves me. If Psalm 139 is really true and He knows my inner most parts and knew about me before He created the heavens and the earth....if He knows how many hairs are on my head, then I think I can safely say that He loves me enough to trust Him with all this other stuff.

So, I'm shifting gears. I first had to ask God to forgive me. Of course He did - He's so full of mercy and grace. I'm asking God to help the knowledge of He loves me that's in my head to move to my heart. He's the only one that can get it down there! I want to trust Him with all I have; therefore, I really need to know how much He loves me.

No, none of the situations in my life have changed - everything is still in limbo. But my heart has changed....I no longer need to strive to find the answers.....I can just sit and enjoy the fact that He loves me. He'll take care of everything. This is where I want to stay.