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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I am Joseph

This is a song that Steven Curtis Chapman put on his new Christmas album, "Joy".  I like it because it makes you think about what Joseph, Mary, the shepherds, and the wise men were thinking when they saw that little baby.  Did they really understand what was happening?  Probably not.  But can you imagine being Mary and seeing wise, rich kings, bowing and worshiping her little boy?  What must have been going through her mind!  Won't it be wonderful to hear her story and to know her thoughts?  Just another glimpse of how cool heaven with be.


I am Joseph, I am Mary, I’m traveling on a journey
And I’m carrying a promise I can’t see
I’m scared and I’m excited
I don’t really know what lies ahead of me

I’m a shepherd on a hillside
As common as the clothes I wear
But smell like I’ve been sleeping in a barn
The last people in the world to ever bow before a King
But here we are

And God is with us
God is for us
This is my story
This is my song

And I am Herod in the palace
That my pride can build around me
I start thinking I’m the one and only king
Trying desperately to stay upon a throne that never did belong to me.

And I am riding with the wise men over hills and through the darkest valleys
Fixed on the star that lights our way
Bringing all the gifts I have to give in worship
When I finally see my Savior’s face

And God is with us
God is for us
This is my story
This is my song
God is with us
God is for us all

So let’s all gather at the manger,
Bring all our hopes and hurts and fears
All our unworthiness and shame
Knowing everyone of us is the reason that He came

And God is with us
God is for us
This is our story
This is our song
God is with us
God is for us all….our God is for us all

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Words

In our family, we usually pick up the words that little ones say when they are learning to talk and use them instead of the correct pronunciation.  Our boys always called a pillow a "pula". They learned that word from their cousins. Austin had a "fumb" and "thingers" and wore "middens" and had "buddons" on his shirt.  So, a lot of the time, you'll hear my family still use these words.  

Ashlynn has added several new words to our lists.  When she was not even two, she said yellow was "yedder".  And a new one popped up this Christmas.

Wes grew up in Africa and one of his favorite drinks was ginger beer.  NO ONE in our family likes ginger beer at all.....it must be an acquired taste, and neither the boys nor I have it.  But Wes loves it.  So, Brendon bought him a case of ginger beer for Christmas.  As you can imagine, Wes was elated.

When Ashlynn inquired about ginger beer, she wrinkled up her nose and said that she didn't think she'd like that.  We had a little discussion on how much Granddaddy loved it, but JuJu, Uncle Brendon, her mama, nor her daddy cared for it much.

Later on in the day, we were all getting something to drink and Ashlynn wanted to know if we were drinking the gingerbread beer.  Well, that name stuck.  Wes no longer likes ginger beer, but he sure does love gingerbread beer!

So here's a picture.....just in case you'd like to try some gingerbread beer.