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Saturday, September 6, 2014

January through May

Wes was adjusting to being a 757/767 international captain.  This was quite an undertaking for him to learn 2 new planes at 60.  But he came through with flying colors. 

Also during this time, we had still been debating whether we were to sell our house or to stay in North Richland Hills.  We had actually been asking that question since 2011 when the selling of our house (TWICE) fell through.  We decided that there were some repairs that needed to be done whether or not we sold our house, so we began to do them and believed that God would show us whether we were to stay or go.  

We finally heard God say sell, we put our house on the market, showed it 7 times the first day and had 5 offers by the end of that day.  The lowest offer was our asking price.  It was an amazing day. We saw that it really was God's timing for us to move. On May 25th, we had a contract on our house and was wondering what we were going to do next.  But......some other exciting things had happened during this time.

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