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Saturday, September 6, 2014


June was a busy, busy month for us.  We had sold our house and had put a contract on another house.  So packing, cleaning, and trying to get everything together and ready for a move.  Moving is so not fun. That is one of the hardest things we've had to do in awhile.  God was so good, though.  Our schedule was so packed, and yet, everything happened exactly when it was supposed to.  Just another confirmation to us that we were doing the right thing.  Here's just a sample of our last week:

Sunday, June 22, it is POURING down rain!  POURING!  Our movers come to load all our stuff.  They were supposed to be out our house first thing, but because it was raining so hard they decided to wait to see if the rain would let up.  It didn't.  So, they came on rain and all.  They had to wrap each piece thoroughly in plastic to keep it from getting drenched.  Loaded what they could and said they'd be back the next day....which was good because the weather would be better.

Monday, June 23, it's POURING again!  God has such a great sense of humor.  You just couldn't get upset because we so needed the rain!  It had been so dry....but geez, does it all have to come today? Evidently so!  So our movers loaded up the rest of our belongings and we began the final cleaning of our house.

Wednesday, June 25, Wes' mother passes away in South Carolina.  This was not a surprise, and we are so thankful she can walk and dance again.  She had been bedridden for 1 1/2 years.  We're so thankful God has given her a new body.

Friday, June 27, we close on our house in North Richland Hills.  Goodbye house on Crane Road. Thanks God for a wonderful place to raise our boys.  May it be as big a blessing to the next family as it had been to ours.

Saturday, June 28, we hop on a plane and head to South Carolina for Gogo's funeral. We arrive about 2 hours before the service and got to spend the rest of the day with family.  All the brothers and sisters were there.  It was good to see everyone again.

Sunday, June 29, we get right back on that plane to head home.

Monday, June 30, we do the final walk around on our new house.  It's a beaut!  God outdid Himself on this one!

Tuesday, July 1, we close on our new house and meet our movers in our new home.  Yeah, we're home!  But we can't find anything!!

So that's just an example of our month of June.  It was a whirlwind, but wow!  Just watching God guide our steps and lead us was just so much fun to be a part of.

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